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Company Profile, Inc. -- which owns -- was incorporated in the state of South Carolina in 1995.  We're located in beautiful Myrtle Beach.  We trace our roots to April 1999 when we began buying domain names for our other businesses and interests.

Almost from the date of our first purchase, we began getting calls and emails from people wanting to buy different names that we had purchased.  This occurred for years until we finally decided to stop focusing on other projects and instead focus exclusively on selling domain names.

Our mission is simple:  provide a pleasant, professional and secure process for buying great domain names.  We want your experience to be as efficient, reliable and painless as possible.

If you’ve never purchased a domain name before, or if you’ve bought many, our domain specialists will walk you through the process one step at a time.  We’ll make sure that you understand what is happening at all stages of the transfer and sale process.  In addition, to protect you in every way possible, we process all sales through, a fully licensed, accredited and regulated U.S. financial company.  Much like with the sale of physical real estate, holds your money "in trust" until the domain name is in your possession and entirely under your control.  Therefore, you can rest assured that we will never receive any proceeds of the sale until you have received complete control of the domain name.  This is the most secure solution available -- to protect a buyer -- when purchasing domain names.  

Our Principal

For the last twenty-five years, Greg Everett has been involved in the broadcast, print, and online industries.  He has owned television stations, a newspaper, and thousands of domain names.

Greg incorporated, Inc. in the state of South Carolina in September 1995.  The company was founded to purchase a full power television station, WFXB FOX 43, in Myrtle Beach.  He owned the station for more than a decade.  He also began buying ".com" names in April 1999.

Additionally, from 2003 to 2009 Greg owned and was Publisher of the Myrtle Beach Herald.  From 2006 to 2012 he co-owned FOX Illinois and CW23 serving the Champaign and Springfield, Illinois TV market. 

For his community involvement Greg was honored by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce as its 2007 Citizen of the Year.  For his leadership he was honored by Leadership Grand Strand with its 2009 Ann DeBock Leadership Award.

For five years Greg hosted Carolina People, which aired weekday mornings on WFXB FOX 43.  He also hosted All-American People and more recently Carolina Real Estate.

Greg serves on the Board of the Horry-Georgetown Technical College Foundation. He also serves as a Trustee of the Kathrine Robinson Everett Charitable Trust which benefits the UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University Schools of Law.

Greg was born and raised in Durham, NC and received a B.A. in Politics from Wake Forest University in 1993.  He loves the Lord above all else and faithfully attends Palmetto Shores Church

Greg is married to Stephanie and has a daughter, Emma Claire, and a son, James.

About Escrow

To make sure the payment process is as secure as possible, and that your money is protected at all times, we facilitate all payments exclusively through California-based, the largest licensed escrow service on the Internet (operating since 1999, and recently surpassing $3 Billion in secured transactions). will ensure that your money is entirely protected during the sale and transfer process, and until you have complete control of your new purchase.  Much like physical real estate, your money is held “in trust” by until the domain name is in your possession and entirely under your control.




Here are six reasons why we exclusively use to protect buyers during the sale and transfer process:

Buying a Domain Name's "Seven Step" process for buying -- and transferring -- a domain name is designed to give you access to the purchased domain name as easily, quickly and safely as possible

For those reasons, we work exclusively with (see above), the largest licensed escrow service on the internet, and with Uniregistry, Enom, and GoDaddy.

After you have decided on the name that you’re interested in, if you click “Buy Now,” the "Seven Steps," detailed below, should be easy to follow.  At the same time, if you have any questions, one of our domain specialists will guide you through any of the Steps. 

If you click "Make Offer," and your offer is accepted, then the "Buy Now" price will be changed and you can move forward to those same "Seven Steps," detailed below.

If you click "Make Offer," and your offer is countered, our domain specialists will work with you to arrive at a price that works for both you and us.  If that happens, the "Buy Now" price will be changed and you can move forward to those same "Seven Steps," detailed below.

Once we have agreed on price and terms, you will initiate an transaction, by clicking "Buy Now," and will then follow the "Seven Steps" detailed below. will ensure that your money is entirely protected during the sale and transfer process, as they have since 1999, recently surpassing $3 Billion in secured escrow transactions.  Much like with the sale of physical real estate, your money is "held in trust" until the domain name is in your possession and entirely under your control. 

When confirms receipt of funds, they will advise us to transfer the domain name to you, by way of an inter-registrar transfer ("push"), at the domain's current registrar, which will be either Uniregistry, Enom, or GoDaddy.

Since domain transfers are a manual process, it can take up to 24 hours to effectuate an inter-registrar transfer ("push").

Once the domain name is in your account, and is able to verify that the WHOIS record has transferred to you, you can then instruct to release the funds to us.  The WHOIS record acts as your "title" or "deed" to the domain name, and verifies your ownership will never release your funds to until you have complete control of your new domain name.’s domain specialists are available to answer your questions and guide you through the purchase, and transfer, process at all times.    

Here are the SEVEN STEPS, to properly effectuate the purchase -- and transfer -- of a domain name, and to protect your funds throughout the process.

STEP 1 -- After clicking "Buy Now" on any of our names, you will see a box which tells you to "Please check your email Inboxfor an email from (See extensive information about, in the "About Escrow" section, above.).  


STEP 2 -- You should then receive an email from -- at the email address you provided before you clicked "Buy Now" -- with the Subject line which reads "A new escrow transaction requires your agreement."  If you don't receive this email, please check your Spam box.


STEP 3 -- Please click the "View Transaction" box, near the top of that email.  This will connect you to a page at, where you can then "Register and Agree" to the Terms of the transaction. will hold your money "in trust" until the domain name is in your possession and entirely under your control.

You must create a Password for your account before you can click the "Register and Agree" button.  

After you click "Register and Agree," at, you can then select a payment method and fund the purchase.  


STEP 4 -- So that you can take ownership of the domain name, after confirms receipt of funds, we will transfer the name into your own account at the domain’s current registrar -- which will be either Uniregistry, Enom, or GoDaddy -- by way of an inter-registrar transfer ("push"), from our account to yours.

*** As most of our names are located at Uniregistry, we are providing AN EXAMPLE, in these STEPS 4, 5 and 6, for Uniregistry. 

If the name is currently located at either GoDaddy or Enom, the steps for perfoming a "push" at those registrars are included in our FAQs section, below

If you do not yet have an account at Uniregistry, please set one up now, so that you can receive the inter-registrar transfer ("push") of the domain name.  

Please make sure to use the same email address that was used at, and please use a Password that will be known only by you.  

Here is the link to sign up for an account:

After you click "Create Account," an email will be sent to your email address with a verification button.  Please click the button to verify your account.  If you do not receive this email, please check your Spam box.

** If there is any confusion with establishing your Uniregistry account, please review these screen shots, by clicking this link:


STEP 5 -- Please notify us ( when your account has been established at Uniregistry -- and that the email address is the same as was used to establish your account at -- so that as soon as confirms receipt of funds, we can then begin the transfer ("push") from our Uniregistry account to yours.


STEP 6 -- When confirms receipt of funds, they will advise us to transfer the domain name to you.

To receive the domain name, by way of this inter-registrar transfer ("push"), and to add your contact address (the "Contact Verification") -- which should match the address that you used at -- please review these screen shots, and any additional links, by clicking this link: 

and then (if necessary), this link:

At this point, after accepting the inter-registrar transfer ("push"), you will now have complete control of the domain nameas the email address (Login ID) will be yours (as it will match the email address that you will have previously provided to, and the corresponding password will be known only by you, and will be capable of being changed by you at any time. 

Although you will be given the option of enabling Uniregistry's free WHOIS privacy service, in the screen shots above, we request that you please wait until the transaction is completed -- after STEP 7 -- before enabling this free WHOIS privacy service.  If it is enabled before has a chance to confirm your receipt of the name, then it will take much longer to verify who actually has control of the name.  After the transaction is complete, at, then it is entirely acceptable to log back in to your Uniregistry account and make all of your contact information private, for free.  It's a nice (free) benefit of being a Uniregistry customer. 


STEP 7 -- Once the domain name is listed in your name, and under your complete control, and is able to verify that the WHOIS record has transferred to you, you will then need to instruct to release the funds to us.  The WHOIS record acts as your “title” or “deed” to the domain name, and verifies your ownership. will never release your funds to until you have complete control of the domain name.

To notify that you have received the domain name, and now have complete control of the name -- as the email address on the Uniregistry account will be yours, and the password will be known only by you -- please log in to your account.  

You will then need to click (and check) these boxes:  

First, if you had not already done so, you will need to click the box which reads "Seller has indicated the domain transfer process has started."

Second, you will need to click the box which reads "Transfer Received."  

Third, you will need to click the box which reads "Accept."  

Lastly, you will need to check the "I confirm that I am in possession of the domain ..." and "I give permission to release funds ..." boxes and then click the "Release Funds" box.

The final screen should read "You have accepted the domain name transfer."


*** Please know that after the transaction is complete -- and the name is in your Uniregistry account, and under your control -- you will then be able to move the domain name to the registrar of your choice, if you choose not to keep the name registered at Uniregistry.  That will be entirely your decision.’s domain specialists are available to answer your questions and guide you through the purchase, and transfer, process at all times. 


*** For domain names that are registered at GODADDY or ENOM, here is a link to our "FAQs" ("Frequently Asked Questions") section, where detailed examples are provided.   See:

Domain Name Details

Nobody does a better job explaining basic details about domain names than ICANN -- the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which was formed in 1998, and which coordinates all domain names worldwide – particularly if you’re searching for “the who,” “the what,” “the how” and “the why.”

CLICK HERE to view ICANN's details on domain names.

Domain Name Redirects

Premium domain names are steadily being acquired and used by companies, both large and small.  A common use is to have a domain name redirected to another website. 

Here are some examples of domain names that have been acquired and redirected to another website: redirects to redirects to Osceola Regional Medical Center redirects to T-Mobile redirects to Sylvan Learning redirects to BP redirects to Office Depot redirects to Hallmark redirects to redirects to Febreze redirects to Tide redirects to Carnation redirects to Minute Maid redirects to Nestle Crunch redirects to ESPN redirects to Ford redirects to Intel redirects to Citracal redirects to WeatherTech redirects to Lexus redirects to Kraft redirects to Hilton Worldwide redirects to Georgia-Pacific redirects to H&R Block 

Three good examples, as seen above, of a company or individual paying handsomely for a domain name -- to then simply redirect it to another website -- are:, which was acquired for $8,500,000 to redirect to, and, which was acquired for $8,500 to redirect to, and, which was acquired for $8,000 to redirect to 

If you feel that any of our names would be valuable to you or your business, to either build out or to redirect to another website, simply click “Buy Now."

Domain Name Valuations

To estimate the value of a domain name -- if you are purchasing the domain name for your business -- consider what the value of one new customer is to your business, including its lifetime residual value and all of the referrals the customer will provide.  Multiply this number by the number of new customers that your premium domain name might attract, including type-in traffic and keyword search engine traffic.


For example, if each of your customers is worth $100 over their lifetime, and your domain name attracts 100 new customers over the life of your company, then the domain name should be valued at $10,000 to your business.  If your premium domain name attracts 1,000 new customers and they are valued at only $10 each, then you would come up with the same $10,000 valuation.


Therefore, if you can buy a domain name for a few thousand dollars that is worth tens of thousands of dollars to your business, then it’s clearly a bargain.  The more premium domain names that you have, that generate site traffic and new customers, the better.


Of course, all domain names can easily point to your existing site to attract type-in traffic, such as with,, or  Regardless of how many additional customers a domain attracts to your company, it should hold its resale value and in all likelihood grow more valuable over time.


Each domain name is like raw land.  It is a place where people can go and it can be built on.  Premium domain names are the pieces of land that gobs of people want to own.  The more that people visit and the more motivated they are, the better your business will be.


If you feel that any of our names would be valuable to you, click “Buy Now."

Privacy Policy

The following sets forth the policies for the collection and use of personally identifiable information ("Information") by, Inc. ("PCI") in connection with the operation of its website.

Collection of Information. In connection with the Site(s), PCI may collect Information in the following ways:

  • Through registration forms filled out by a user on the Site
  • Through Information provided by a user in connection with the purchase of products or services on the Site
  • Through the maintenance and analysis of Web server logs
  • Via e-mail, faxes, telephone calls and postal mail sent by a user to PCI
  • Through the use by PCI of third-party databases from which user Information is extracted and combined with Information obtained by PCI through other means.

PCI may also connect non-personally identifiable information from users via "cookies," single-pixel GIF image files (also called "Web beacons"), web server log analysis and other similar technological means. Such non-personally identifiable information may be used to track site trends and enhance the user experience, and may be shared with third parties. 

To the extent third parties may place advertising on the Site, such third parties may utilize cookies or other Technological means within the advertising to collect and utilize non-personally identifiable information. PCI is not responsible for information collected by third parties in this manner, nor for the collection or use of Information by other sites to which the Site is linked. 

Types of Information Collected by PCI. The following types of Information about a user are among those that may be collected by PCI in connection with the Site(s):

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • IP Address
  • Referring site
  • Other technical information collected by the Site's servers.

No Collection of Infomation from Children. The Site is not directed at users under the age of 18, nor does PCI knowingly collect or retain Information in connection with the Site(s) from children under the age of 13.

Use of Information. PCI may use Information collected in connection with the Site(s) in the following ways:

  • To provide requested information, products and services to users
  • To improve the user experience with the Site
  • In connection with the operation of the Site and PCI's internal business
  • For Users to obtain information and offers for products and services offered by PCI as well as selected third parties.

In order to do the foregoing, PCI may provide the Information to trusted third parties, including but not limited to third party contractors providing services to PCI for the operation of the Site, communication services and fulfillment of orders. PCI also utilizes electronic and physical security to reduce the risk of improper access to or manipulation of Information during transmission and storage, but cannot guarantee the security or integrity of the Information. PCI may also disclose Information when it determines it is necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations or protect the interests or safety of PCI, its customers, or other visitors to the Site.

Changes to this Privacy Policy. PCI reserves the right to revise and update this Privacy Policy at any time. Any such revisions will be effective on the date of posting to the Site(s), and will apply to all information collected by PCI both prior to and following the effective date. Your use of the Site following any such revisions will be deemed your acceptance of such revisions. Users should periodically visit this page to review the current policies with regard to Information.

Opting Out from Offers from PCI. At any time, a user may opt out from receiving future offers from PCI by following the instructions contained within each marketing communication. Such opting out will not apply to any communications from third parties to whom PCI may have provided Information regarding the user. Third parties' use of the Information is subject to such parties' own privacy policies, for which PCI shall not be responsible.

Your California Privacy Rights. Beginning on January 1, 2005, California Civil Code Section 1798.83 permits customers of PCI who are California residents to request certain information regarding PCI's disclosure of personal information for their direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, please write to, Inc.  PO Box 1269, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578. Requests must include an e-mail address to which the response is to be sent.

Policy Last Revised: July 24, 2017 

Purchase Terms

These Purchase Terms (“Purchase Terms”) are by and between, Inc. (the “Seller”), a South Carolina corporation, and you, your heirs, agents, successors and assigns (collectively, the “Buyer”), in connection with the purchase of one or more Internet domain names, for the purchase price that is displayed on the website,


Buyer agrees to pay the total price, by way of, for the domain name(s) selected for purchase.  The Seller then agrees to transfer the domain name(s) to the Buyer in one of two ways:  either by way of an inter-registrar transfer ("push"), at Uniregistry, Enom, or GoDaddy (whichever registrar the name is located at the time of purchase), from the Seller's account to the Buyer's account, or into's secure holding account, on behalf of the Buyer, if either a Domain Name Holding Agreement or the Domain Concierge Service is utilized, at  After either of those methods has concluded, and the WHOIS record has transferred from the Seller to the Buyer, the domain name(s) will then be deemed "transferred," as the Buyer (or, on behalf of the Buyer) will have exclusive control of the account and the underlying domain name(s).  Buyer must then acknowledge receipt of the domain name(s), at, so that may release funds to the Seller.


Buyer acknowledges that the transfer process for the domain name(s) must comply with all ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accreditation policies and procedures, including the recently enacted WHOIS Contact Verification process.  Information about ICANN and registrar policies and procedures is available at


Buyer acknowledges that all domains listed on are owned exclusively by, Inc.  When payment is processed at, it is made for the domain name(s) only and for the exclusive right to use and enjoy that domain name(s) in the future.  No images, hosting, logos, or any other rights will be transferred with the domain name(s).  


Buyer acknowledges that it is solely responsible for renewing the domain name(s) registration(s) with the registrar of record, after a purchase is completed, prior to the expiration date listed in that registrar’s WHOIS database.  A WHOIS lookup can be performed at multiple online sources, including your registrar and at  Registration fees vary by registrar, and it will be the Buyer’s responsibility, as the new owner of the domain name(s), to keep its registration current.


While all orders are regularly approved and domain names are regularly transferred to the Buyer within 24 hours of confirming final receipt of funds, it is possible that something extraordinary would prevent the domain name from being transferred.  In the event that extraordinary circumstances arise (such as an ongoing Petition To Cancel a federal trademark at the USPTO's TTAB, as with, affecting the Seller’s ability to deliver the domain name(s) to the Buyer (see the final three paragraphs, below, of the Purchase Terms), all charges will be completely refunded to the Buyer.


To the extent allowed by law, Buyer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Seller harmless from any and all liability or claims or controversies that might arise due to the sale of the domain name(s), or which might arise out of these Purchase Terms (including all attorney’s fees, costs and other expenses).  Buyer and Seller represent to each other that it has the full authority to enter into these Purchase Terms and perform its legal obligations hereunder.


Buyer acknowledges that the information submitted to Seller, in order to purchase a domain name(s), will be used for the WHOIS information of the domain name(s) that is being purchased.  Buyer warrants that this domain registration data (WHOIS data) includes reliable contact details including the full name, postal address, valid e-mail address, and voice telephone number, in compliance with the domain registration terms of the registrar.  If Buyer does not wish for any of its Registrant info to be published, and would prefer the information to be made private, it must notify the Seller prior to concluding the purchase so that Seller can coordinate the transfer of the domain name(s) accordingly.


Buyer acknowledges that it has the full legal capacity to enter into these Purchase Terms, and the authority to do so on behalf of any registrant identified in the WHOIS data provided by the Buyer.


Buyer represents that it does not hold or assert any trademark, trade name, copyright or other intellectual property right in or to the domain name(s) that is the subject of these Purchase Terms.


Unless otherwise provided in a countersigned document, these Purchase Terms constitute the full agreement between the Buyer and Seller in connection with the domain name(s).  Upon final transfer of the domain name(s) from Seller to Buyer, sale of the domain name(s) will be final and non-refundable for any reason.


These Purchase Terms are governed by the laws of the state of South Carolina, in the USA, without reference to its choice of law rules.  Buyer consents to personal jurisdiction in the county of Horry, in the state of South Carolina, for adjudication and enforcement of any dispute arising hereunder.  The parties agree that the forum for any dispute resolution shall be located exclusively in Horry county courts, in the state of South Carolina, USA.  The prevailing party in any such action shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and disbursements incurred in connection herewith.


As to the specific domain names and -- which are currently involved in a PETITION TO CANCEL a Seventh-Day Adventist Trademark at the USPTO's Trademark, Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) -- these two names will NOT be sold or transferred to ANY potential buyer for ANY price UNTIL at least three months after the TTAB proceeding has been finalized, including all appeals that might occur at the USPTO's TTAB or any other federal or state judicial body.


All correspondence should be addressed to, Inc.  PO Box 1269, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, 29578-1269.


Policy Last Revised:  October 15, 2019

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